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Kauth Brothers can do all your cable railing needs. We use some of the cleanest styled connections in the industry.  Depending on run lengths we can use invisaware, (shown on left) or for longer runs turnbuckles are required. (shown on right)

Kauth brothers also can do various styles of custom railings as well. We know all railing codes, even the new ADA specifications, and can build any railings to meet your needs. We can special order designs as required for decorative puposes as well.

Decorative interior railings, these railings can be made from a multiple of design choices. Come in a chat about them, or find the design you are looking for on and we can fabricate a custom rail specific to your design.

Kauth Brothers also can make pipe railings. These are simple rails that are most commonly found in the commercial setting. They can be placed in or on almost any style of construction. Wood decks, concrete paths and walkways. They can even be set into existing concrete by way of core drilling, (as shown), or even placed on top of existing concrete with simple foot pads. These rails can also be built to meet any ADA codes. Made from plain pipe for painting or powder coating (if possible, size limits), or galvanized pipe for any application or customers desired look.

Standard Ramp RailingCore Drilled option for existing concrete

We can even match an existing pattern to keep the looks of any style that was originaly fabricated decades ago, such as these dormer railings we made to replace the old ones.