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Such as Backflow Device Guards, made to order to meet size and design criteria.

Kauth Brothers Inc, also offers special services, such as Trailer repair, and miscellanious welding. We have welded such things as office chairs, log splitters, wood chippers, if it is made of steel, and is in need of repair, don't toss it out, bring it by we will look at it, and see what we can do for you. Most likely we can fix it up, if not we might know of somebody that can.

Steel Shelf Brackets in box vansCustom Access Hatch

Upon special request, we will even do off-road armorment, Rock Sliders (right), Bumpers (below), and Skid Plates, (pics soon). This armorment is designed to hold up to the extreme punishment of Hard Core Rock-Crawling.
Roll Bars, and Cage extensions.

Secure mounts to hard points, as shown below