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Michael Dremann continues as the President and CEO of Kauth Brothers, Incorporated today. With close to 30 years experience in the industry, Michael brings your call into a finished project. From your information on requirements and specification, to the quote, and the welding and installation of a project, he and the Kauth Bothers team realize how important it is to bring personal service, time commitment and quality work to all projects. Today Michael runs the business with a new support staff and a qualified TEAM. They continue to add products and services that will benefit; the construction industry businesses in the North Bay, and their growth of the company.

Kauth Brothers History!

Emett, and William Kauth formed Kauth Brothers Inc. in early 1946.  The first location was on the corner of 9th and Ripley Street in Santa Rosa.  Emett Kauth retired in 1957 and William took over sole ownership.  Under William's direction, the company expanded and had a new building erected at 1054 North Dutton Ave. The company moved to this new location in early 1962, and is currently residing in this location.<br>
The Kauth Brothers were the formative fabricators of iron and metal work used to strengthen and complete many of the Sonoma, Napa and Mendocino buildings, sub divisions and homes, hospitals, office buildings, county buildings and industrial buildings in Santa Rosa, Sebastopol, Healdsburg, Petaluma and beyond as the various industries grew throughout the region.<br>

January 1970, William Kauth retired, and the corporation was acquired by Marcus Berndt, and Bennett Kauth.  Together they expanded the corporation further.  In January 1977, Marcus Berndt retired, and a new corporation was set up with Bennett Kauth, Timothy Berndt, and Stanley Olsson as owners, to carry on the Kauth Brothers reputation for fine steel fabrication.  In 1980 Bennett Kauth retired leaving the corporation owned by Timothy Berndt and Stanley Olsson.  In 1988 Stanley Olsson retired and sold his share to his son Mark Olsson, leaving Tim Berndt and Mark Olsson as owners. In late 2004 Michael B Dremann, having worked with the company for several years acquired part of the business. <br>

 During the year of 2010 Timothy Berndt retired, leaving the corporation to be owned and operated by Mark Olsson, and Michael B Dremann. Early in 2013 Mark Olsson retired, and now Michael B Dremann has sole ownership of the company.